Toll Free Numbers & 800 Numbers Available

Activate your 1 800 number, toll free number, or local number with virtual phone system and voicemail. Make your business sound more professional – work from anywhere and keep your personal phone numbers private.
  • Call Forwarding
  • Auto Attendant
  • Multiple Extensions
  • Professionally
  • Recorded Greeting
  • Voicemail Transcription (Read your messages!)
  • Call Recording

Boost Your Image With 1 800 Numbers & Toll Free Numbers

The Creative Web Creatures virtual phone system offers you instant business-class phone service with your choice of 800 numbers, toll free numbers, and even custom vanity numbers. Local numbers in many cities are available, and you can port your existing local or toll free numbers to iTeleCenter as well.
  • Creative Web Creatures immediately gives your business image a big boost, plus you can use any home and mobile phones to conduct business and maintain complete privacy of your private phone numbers.
  • Creative Web Creatures provides all the enhanced phone features that every business desires and requires. Your number is live and service is instant – all without the need to purchase gadgets or equipment, run any wires, or sign any long-term contracts!
Creative Web Creatures is the number you publish on all your sales or promotional materials, business cards, and on marketing and social networking websites – not your home or mobile number. Plus, Creative Web Creatures will answer all your phone calls and help you answer the calls you want while eliminating the time wasters.

800 Numbers and Toll Free Numbers are Professional

800 numbers and toll free numbers give you an immediate image boost, making your business look bigger and with a nation-wide presence.

Vanity Numbers Make It Easy To Remember You

When choosing your new Creative Web Creatures, you can choose from 800 numbers or toll free numbers, or you can opt to pick a vanity number. Vanity numbers allow you to spell out a word such as 800-555-DIET, or maybe an easy-to-remember number sequence such as 888-555-1234. While 800 numbers and toll free numbers automatically give your business a bigger look, vanity numbers make it easy to remember and recognize your Creative Web Creatures number.

Leave your competitors behind in the dust with Creative Web Creatures!

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